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Broban Flowers Farm

Broban Flowers farm is located in Thika, an hour’s drive from capital city Nairobi. This proximity to Nairobi, the climate and constant water provision via several man-made dams in the area make the region popular with the agricultural industry. Since its inception, Broban Flowers have established a modern and efficient crop management system and high-quality control within our growing infrastructure.

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Our Core Values

The motto of “Our farm. Our community “ encourages transparency in our business and has enabled our people to be open with each other. All personnel diligently ensure the best quality of flowers are produced and packed daily


Broban Flowers strives to produce high quality flowers but at the same time avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.


Broban Flowers attributes its success to the hard work and support of our workers. A deep sense of social responsibility is central to business at Broban Flowers, demonstrated by our motto, “Our farm. Our community.”

04.Enviroment concious

A clean and healthy environment for all our personnel and community is key to our success. We practice environmentally friendly farming to enable you to smell the great fragrance of our flowers. The bees also love our flowers!

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We're fortunate to produce flowers for our clients in over 12 countries and steadily expanding to new territories.
Our Vision

To be a leading flower farm in the region in terms of quality and services, while ensuring sustainable farming practices.

Our Mission

To Produce high quality flowers in a safe environment and fully participate in development of welfare of the workers, their families and neighborhood community, to incorporate them in the company's corporate social responsibility to alleviate poverty and other social vices..

the Passion and love for Flowers

Founded in 1999 by Joseph Obango in a small one acre farm, situated in Thika. Over the last 23 years, both the passion for flowers and the farm itself have expanded to the farm to 5 acres. Broban Flowers is now able to produce up to one thousand stems per day for the international market. And we Keep growing

We are commited to our clients as we respect the enviroment and community.Our Highly skilled staff has enabled us to produce 15 flower varieties and we keep growing

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